Big Star Content Launches Social Media Marketing Service

From: Big Star Content
Published: Thu Sep 30 2010

The Big Star Content social media marketing service allows businesses to engage with social media in a dynamic, interactive way without having to commit time or in-house resources.

Proactive and authentic social media

"Social media is a natural extension of our content services," explains Derryck Strachan, Managing Director of Big Star Content "We’re creating great content for our clients and we want to help them to promote it properly. On the other hand businesses need good content to get the best results from social media marketing. It makes sense for us to provide both the content and the promotion."

The foundation of Big Star Content’s approach to social media marketing is good quality content that encourages readership and drives traffic to the client site. This is coupled with direct interaction with readers, followers and potential customers through social networking and content promotion activity. Big Star Content will also take on the time-consuming tasks of Twitter and Facebook account management and reporting activity.

The numbers add up

Social networking is now ranked as the number one activity on the web, with Facebook adding over 200 million users in one year alone. Over 80% of companies now use social media for recruitment purposes, with 95% of those clients using LinkedIn to find new employees.

It’s not just the social networking sites that are having an influence. Blogging, once confined to the Generation Y demographic, has now become hugely important in business as well, with 25% of search results for the world’s top 20 brands directly linked to user-generated content. 34% of bloggers post opinions about products, and with 200 million blogs online, that’s a lot of peer recommendations influencing buying habits.

Why are businesses using social media?

"Social media is marking a shift in how we do business, how we buy and how we recommend products to our friends," says Derryck. "Only 14% of people trust adverts now, compared to 78% of consumers who trust peer recommendations. If your business isn’t part of the social media revolution, it means that you could be missing out on a massive potential audience that has money to spend," he adds.

Experience and expertise

Big Star Content has built up a reputation for producing exceptional quality web content over the past five years, and they see the move into social media as a natural progression. "Our team is highly experienced in utilising all aspects of the digital environment, including social media," adds Derryck. "With the expertise we have on offer, we’re certain that our new social media packages will work well for clients are committed to investing in social media and who want to embrace possibly the biggest change to business practices since the Industrial Revolution," he concludes.

About Big Star Content

Big Star Content is one of the UK’s leading digital copywriter and web copywriter services. Founded in 2005 by web copywriter Derryck Strachan, we work with all kinds of businesses across the UK, US and internationally, from start-ups and sole traders through to brands, charities and agencies. Our range of copywriter services includes website copywriting, freelance copywriting, brand story, content strategy and copywriting courses.

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