From: Thai Holiday
Published: Sun Feb 18 2007

With prices starting at under £40,000 for villa and pool, minutes from the town centre and the sea - and steeped in rich culture and history, Hua Hin must stake a claim to being one of the most attractive overseas property investment opportunities available.

Rodney Giles and his son Michael founded their Company several years ago after taking the plunge themselves by purchasing two villas. Having seen their own investment grow by 60% in less than 9 months, they wondered why others weren’t doing the same. They realised that there was an untapped demand for a personal property consultancy service and haven’t looked back - helping dozens of clients to acquire their own dream home smoothly and without stress.

"We realised that the serious investor does not have the time that we had - to spend large amounts of time checking on progress, finding lawyers, sourcing furniture and so on. We now provide that turnkey service for them and it has proved very popular" said Rodney Giles.

"Hua Hin has been a Royal resort for hundreds of years and recent development has been very selective and reflected that rich cultural heritage. The current King himself has moved to a beachside palace. The beach itself is 5 miles long.

The name ‘Hua Hin means ‘Head Stone’ or Stone Head’. Hua Hin gained city status in 1950 and has a population of 75,000. English is spoken freely, crime rates are very low, people are very courteous – and they even drive on the left! There are several world class golf clubs nearby.

Increasingly popular with Western Europeans and Scandinavians - typically, you will only need to rent your property for a small portion of the year to cover your mortgage!

Property prices are rising sharply, but we have been able to delay increases from developers until the end of March."

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