Fast & Furious Energy Officially Announces New Product

From: Eclectic Media Productions
Published: Thu Sep 30 2010

In this day and age, with demanding workloads and family time at a premium, it's hard to stay alert and focused when we need it the most. Sleep is an option, but who has time.

That's why Fast and Furious Energy announces to the world their new solution, Fast & Furious Energy Shots.

Fast & Furious Energy Shots are delicious, power packed 2oz energy shots that deliver an immediate, lasting energy boost. The taste is clean, smooth and refreshing with no medicinal aftertaste.

This drink doesn't contain carbohydrates, calories, or sugar making it a healthy source for energy. It's packed full of B-Vitamins and other enzymesdesigned to give you that extra boost of energy without jittery side effects. The energy wears off gradually with no sudden crash because it's sugar free.

Fast & Furious Energy Shots are currently available in grape, watermelon, berry, lemon-lime, orange and punch; giving your tongue a variety of tastes as opposed to the one boring flavor.

"We're positive once people try our product, it will be in high demand; not only for the energy it provides, but the great taste and healthy solution it offers," stated Fast and Furious Energy CFO Steve Williams. He continued,"We're focused and committed on growing our brand so that we have product placement at every available opportunity."

Fast & Furious Energy Shots can be purchased on their website and will soon be available in stores everywhere acrossthe nation.

Fast and Furious Energy is actively partnering with distributors that service national retail accounts such as convenience store chains, retail grocery chains, wholesalers, club stores and drugstore chains.

There are an abundance of energy shots in the marketplace, but when it's time to choose, Make Your Shot Count and select Fast & Furious Energy.

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