New Partner to take Procession BPM Task Orientated Applications (TOA) into Outsourcing Service Provi

From: Procession
Published: Mon Feb 19 2007

Atlas GOSS Limited, a provider of support services to global Outsourcing Service Providers (OSPs), has entered into a collaborative business relationship with Procession plc to significantly enhance the effectiveness of the Business Analysts role in process outsourcing and new systems development.

This Alliance is the beginning of a genuinely collaborative relationship in itself, where Atlas-GOSS has been granted the exclusive right to market, sell and overall service manage Processionís portfolio to the OSP client base.

"Procession is, for Atlas-GOSS, a real gem of a find," said Stephen Bailey, Managing Director at Atlas-GOSS.

"When the people at Sun Microsystems and Oracle begin to see what Procession has developed, they will be just as excited as we already are. For OSPs, Processionís core technology places business knowledge as the prime driver of the build phase in the systems lifecycle and it really could eliminate the need for offshore development activity."

For David Chassels, Procession Chief Executive, the collaboration with Atlas-GOSS: "Was an obvious choice for us, given the role that Stephen and his team are performing in the evolution of Outsourcing across the supply side of the Industry. For Business Process Outsourcing to be effective, OSPs have got to deliver an agile service capability to end users that fully supports todayís competitive and increasingly regulated environment.

"With Procession, this is achieved by a uniquely simple approach that is function independent and thus able to accommodate any business issue. Hence, the real target for Processionís tools is the OSPís Business Analyst who is tasked with knowing the processes inside out and improving them in a way the client was never able to.

"Through our Alliance, the OSPís ability to make a real difference to their clients business will improve massively."

Stephen Bailey sees this approach: "As another great example of why focusing on operational effectiveness will outperform the overworked efficiency initiatives in meeting and exceeding client expectations whilst also achieving a substantial reduction in the total cost of operation for OSPs."

Atlas-GOSS has ongoing relationships with the likes of EDS, HP, CSC, Unisys, Capgemini and Atos Origin. Procession becomes the second partner to join the recently launched Foundation Alliance Businesses Programme and is aligning with PAS BSi 11000 for all collaborative business relationships.


Notes for editors:

Procession plc is a UK-based and owned company that has developed original and innovative BPM software in Task Orientated Applications (TOA). This TOA approach represents a dynamic alternative to pre-built and/or custom hard-coded applications and represents a paradigm shift in Business Software Development.

Procession has created an Integrated Application Development Framework with at core a process engine in a data centric and task oriented architecture, linked to a best in class database and forms development package. Where it differentiates is in the build process which focuses on people and their interaction with in its TOA applications to ensure efficiency, data integrity and quality.

In the words of market analysts the Butler Group, Procession's unique, user-friendly technology "removes the disconnect between requirement and implementation". These TOA systems can be added to or modified easily, giving unrivalled Ďagilityí. They can also provide management information in realtime to support dynamic Performance Management with guaranteed compliance, as required.

Atlas GOSS Limited was formed in September 2005 to provide support services to global Outsourcing Service Providers. Privately held and pre-IPO, Atlas-GOSS executives and associates have over 100 years of experience in Outsourcing across the entire spectrum of collaborative business relationships. Our expertise is the creation, development, contracting and execution of strategic value propositions specifically for and exclusively into global Outsourcing Service Providers. Our Vision is ífor the Outsourcing Industry to be seen to be creating value effectively.í

PAS 11000 the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) is a framework specification which captures best practice from a broad spectrum of organisations both private and public sector. Establishing best practice by harnessing the benefits for the business community is the backbone of BSiís activities. Building on the knowledge network of Partnership Sourcing Limited (PSL), a joint DTI/CBI initiative, and its pioneering CRAFT methodology PAS 11000 provides guidance and an auditable platform, which most companies can adopt without major investment. It provides a common sense approach, which will enable organisations to engage more quickly and effectively to create collaborative arrangements that deliver real value with greater confidence in each other.

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