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Published: Sun Oct 03 2010

It’s an opportune time for Annie to venture into a cross-over audience in the UK, given the fact of an undeniable interest in Pakistani Pop Culture prevalent there. Her single 'Be My Baby' which would hit the global market by the 25th of October, would surely serve to re-invigorate UK's Pakistani music scene. Simultaneously, she would be addressing a whole new fan base with her high-profile collaboration with UK's top DJ, Judge Jules- the princess has her eyes set on an international kingdom.

This venture re-affirms her global outlook on music, and its magnitude will suffice to open new horizons for her in particular and Pakistani Music in general. As a harbinger of things to come, it’s safe to say Annie has stepped into a new realm with exciting possibilities. As per Annie, her fans can expect the single to embody the simplicity and honesty of expression she always strives to achieve. ‘Be My Baby is my idea of finally striking a chord here at my second home. I grew up here. While created to sync with the intended audience,it still retains that easy-listening touch. Human emotions are universal, and as always it has something everyone can relate to’.

What’s even more refreshing to come across is the fact that the collaboration is not ‘forced’, which makes it inherently more genuine. ‘I was not on a ‘mission’ to find a collaborator in the UK. I have always been open to and interested in new ideas and cross-over projects- and the opportunity presented itself. I believe such partnerships only work if the involved parties truly ‘feel’ the vibe of the other. Collaboration cannot be forced’. Judge Jules was voted number 3 on DJ Magazines list of the 150 Greatest DJs in the world, and as such, enjoys a tremendous amount of global respect and attention.
A high level of positive anticipation is building towards the release, both among existing Pakistani Fans, and in the colossal audience that Judge Jules commands. In general, listeners of pop, dance, and cross-over genres can look forward to something sensational.

The Star

Growing up in London, Annie Khalid’s rise to fame is a modern fairytale. Born in Lahore, Pakistan in 1987, she came to UK at the age of 6 months, grew up in East London, then later moved to Essex with her parents. As a child she was a part of the East London Dance company.

In 2005, sitting bored at home, she started humming a melody. She took that melody to a friend who introduced her to a music arranger. Together they came up with a very simple, yet catchy song which Annie called ‘Mahiya’ which means baby/darling. Friends and family encouraged her to take it a step further and it became an overnight hit in her native Pakistan. A video was released and the audio was ripped from the video and pirated copies were sold and later became the most accessed Pakistani pop song on the internet for both 2005 and 2006.

Fame followed and Annie won the ‘Most Wanted Song’, ‘Most Wanted Female 2006’ and also ‘The Most Wanted Female 2008’ at the TMA (The Music Awards) viewers’ choice awards. She was signed as the face of Pepsi Pakistan, with her face on the Pepsi bottles, cans , television commercials and billboards all over the country and has also been the brand ambassador for Norwegian telecom company, Telenor – one of the biggest telecom providers in Pakistan.

She was also the show stopper for Loreal Karachi fashion week. Recently Annie was in Norway raising money with Red Cross for the flood victims in Pakistan. Through her Registerd Charity Annie would like to raise health and education awareness and build bridges across communities worldwide and work as a Peace Ambassador. Annie is also a

well-known celebrity in neighbouring India where she recorded a song and video for Bollywood movie ‘Awarapan’ directed by top Bollywood Cinema moguls Mahesh and
Mukesh Bhatt.

Annie’s most recent achievement is her appointment as the GODWILL AMBASSADOR FOR THE RED CROSS on 23rd September 2010.

Her video BE MY BABY can be watched at the following link.

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