Earth-Friendly Distilling Company Introduces Eco-Friendly Vodka for Parties

From: McCormick Distilling Company
Published: Sun Oct 03 2010

Vodka buyers are choosing Earth-Friendly Distilling Company for Eco-Friendly Vodka for parties. Earth-Friendly Distilling Company offers Eco-Friendly Vodka that Vodka buyers demand. The company is the leader in Eco-Friendly Vodka because the team is focused on quality and service first. Eco-Friendly Vodka means Vodka buyers get a Vodka that shares their values and vision for the future. Vodka Buyers come to Earth-Friendly Distilling Company, a smart choice for Eco-Friendly Vodka for parties. Buyer that care have a Vodka that is making an enviromental difference. 360 Vodka proves you can be environmentally responsible and still have award winning Vodka. Today, Vodka buyers are looking for more from the companies they choose as their distiller of Vodka. Earth-Friendly Distilling Company has earned its reputation for award winning vodkas. For additional information Vodka buyers are invited to visit the company web site at

Since it's first release 360 Vodka has led the industry in environmental innovation while leading in quality. For over 150 years Weston, Missouri has supported the world finest Vodkas and legendary integrity that now brings you 360 Vodka. Earth-Friendly Distilling Company introduces Eco-Friendly Vodka. 360 Vodkas the Eco-Friendly Vodkas, continue to receive critical acclaim for quality and innovation. 360 Vodka is an eco-friendly, 4 times distilled, 5 times filtered, premium Vodka that uses a process and facilities that have resulted in a decrease in carbon footprint over the last 5-years. 360 Vodka is the perfect addition to hundreds of mixed drinks, bringing a smooth finish characteristic of only the best.. No Vodka Distiller cares more than the team at Earth-Friendly Distilling Company a division of McCormick Distilling Company. It's all in the rich chocolate flavor, the difference between McCormick Vodka and the rest. No one comes close. Earth-Friendly Distilling Company produces Eco-Friendly Vodka in a glass.

About Earth-Friendly Distilling Company
Earth Friendly Distilling is a division of McCormick Distilling, located in historic Weston, Missouri, it is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the U.S. McCormick is stronger than ever with an exciting new mix of innovative products, exceptional quality and remarkable value. McCormick offers an unrivaled combination - based on over 150 years of experience and an ongoing commitment to the future. 360 Vodkas are 4-times distilled, 5-times filtered, Earth Friendly Vodkas come in 9 Vodka flavors including Madagascar Vanilla, Concord Grape, Mandarin Orange, Cola, Double Chocolate, Bing Cherry, Sorrento Lemon, Georgia Peach and the original 360 Eco Friendly Vodka. 40% alc./vol. (80 Proof) Distilled From American Grain Drink Responsibly. Drive Responsibly. Exist Responsibly. For additional information visit the company web site at Earth-Friendly Distilling Company delivers Eco-Friendly Vodka in a glass.

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Earth-Friendly Distilling Company Division of
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