A new release of Spam Blocker from Softinform Version 2.1

From: SoftInform
Published: Tue Jul 26 2005

One of the major problems in the Internet is nothing more nor less than unwanted advertising letters, also known as "spam" - wasted incoming megabytes of information. The mail server filters block only a fraction of proposals to "increase" or "relax". The mighty "authorization" protection is, first of all, expensive (let's not forget the monthly fee), and second of all, it is not very convenient for the people on your contact list (they will have to go through a long and humdrum "access" process). If you want to rid your mail box of "spam", you need a comprehensive anti-ad "shield" that will save the money you spend on traffic by downloading bulky mail, as well as the time you spend on viewing and deleting useless emails.

The new version of Spam Blocker 2.1 delivered by the SoftInform company provides maximum efficient protection for user computer (user mailbox in particular) from torrents of "spam". This is due to the fact that all correspondence is analyzed before it is downloaded from the mail server. The application checks the mail and retrieves the headings of all letters pending in the user mailbox (email addresses, sender names, letter subjects, etc.).
The new release of "remote" ad blocker features a substantially tuned up interface. The added nice-to-haves include automatic and manual mail check buttons and a visualized process of receiving mail (an animated icon in the system tray and a tool tip with the total number of letters and the number of letters blocked by the application). The main alterations, however, concerned the "technical" facet of the application. Spam Blocker 2.1 is sported as a self-learning application. The new version of the spam-filter automatically registers sender names and servers (domain addresses) in the black (with letters marked as spam) and white (correct) lists.

By using various settings of Spam Blocker 2.1 you can fine-adjust the application to suit your needs. Various modes for checking messages (automatic and manual), support of an unlimited number of accounts, checking the mail box at set intervals (e.g., every five minutes) or at user's will, updating system lists, flexible rule settings and lists editing ability make Spam Blocker 2.1 a convenient and irreplaceable tool for blocking "spam".

Sick and tired of endless "spam"? Registering new ("clean") mail boxes over and over again? Every day dozens of letters for you and thousands for your company burning up megabytes of traffic that is by no means free? All it takes is to install Spam Blocker 2.1.
And watch annoying and useless e-mail advertising disappear.

You can download the trail version of Spam Blocker from:
You will find more information on the official site: http://spam-blocker.adscleaner.com
If you have any questions, please write to: max@offliner.com, Max Maglias, PR-manager at SoftInform.
Company: SoftInform
Contact Name: Max Maglias
Contact Email: max@offliner.com
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