The “Pioneer of the Day Spa” Says XTREME Performance Products Deliver Results

From: XTREME Performance
Published: Tue Jul 26 2005

Littleton, CO – July 26, 2005 – XTREME Performance Inc. the designer and developer of innovative, safe, and natural performance enhancing nutritional products today announced Anna Marie Colavito, the founder and president of Beauty Body Wellness Associates ( serves XTREME Performances’ HydroFuel after every treatment and also has her clients use Triple XL, AminoX, ForceField and Nitric-XPX when they are on a series of cellulite treatments and organ detoxifications.

In 1995 ISpa acknowledged Colavito as one of the "Pioneers of the Day Spa." In May of 2005, she opened the BBWA Skin and Body Training Facility in Malibu, CA where she highly recommends the XTREME Performance line of nutrients.

"I feel XTREME Performance nutritional supplements are superior to many of the other ones I've used over the years. I personally researched and used XTREME Performance before I brought it to my clients, " said Anna Marie Colavito founder and President of Beauty Body Wellness Associates. "I felt an immediate difference in my energy level before a workout. After a few weeks of taking the products I noticed my mid-section and stomach had started to reduce. I also noticed that I could work out longer on the elliptical machine, and I was lifting 10 to 15 pounds of heavier weights. I especially love the vanilla TripleXL before a workout, as a meal replacement with fruit added or as a mid-day energy boost."

The XTREME Performance product line includes:

· AminoX
Assists in speeding up muscle growth (through an increase in protein synthesis in the cell), tissue repair, replacement of hormones, enzymes and immune bodies, as well as assisting in recovery.

· ForceField
A Multi-vitamin/multi-mineral formula that enhances immune system, aids in digestion, decreases stress, aids in recovery, increases energy, assists in cognitive thought, prevents yoyo dieting, helps in maintaining bone density, promotes restful sleep, and assists in building muscle mass. ForceField enhances the absorption of all other XP products.

· Nytric-XPX
Stimulates the production of sustained levels of Nitric Oxide, resulting in: Faster muscle development and strength gains, decrease body fat, increase vigor and overall well being.

· HydroFuel
An electrolyte (rehydrate) replacement that rapidly replenishes the balance of essential nutrients of active individuals lost through perspiration.

· Triple XL
A protein-based product that increases lean muscle density, decreases body fat, increases strength, enhances recovery, provides a complete ATP enhancement system (three-to-four hour energy curve). TripleXL can be used as a complete meal replacement.

"I have my clients use the nutrients for general health and to compliment their exercise and lifestyle program. I am extremely happy that I found these products for both my personal and professional uses," continued Colavito.

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XTREME Performance Inc. designs and develops innovative, safe, and natural performance enhancing nutritional products for serious competitive athletes and anyone who places a priority on staying physically active. XTREME Performance uses only the highest quality ingredients and safety standards to provide an aggressive performance-enhancing system of nutritional supplements that delivers maximum results.
The products are designed for all body sizes using variable weight adaptive formulas that eliminate waste and maximize absorption for the ultimate in nutritional benefits. The cellular-balanced product line safely increases lean muscle mass, strength and mental concentration, while decreasing body fat and enhancing endurance, all without toxicity build-up or water retention. For more information call 1-877-869-8736 or visit
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