Dog got gas? Dave’s “Simply the Best” dog food clears the air.

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Published: Thu Feb 22 2007

Several years ago, Dave Ratner’s dog Elsa developed a kidney problem. When Dave was advised by his veterinarian to add an egg a day to her diet, a light bulb went off in Dave’s head, "Why not incorporate eggs, the perfect protein, into a formula for the perfect dog food?" Working with a leading pet food nutritionist, Dave’s "Simply the Best" dog food was born, and the rest is history.

The distinctive logo of Dave’s "Simply the Best" dog food, featuring a basset hound with a clothespin on it’s nose, will also soon be appearing in select independent pet food stores as "Simply the Best" makes it retail debut throughout the East Coast.

Defusing a potentially explosive situation, Dave’s "Simply the Best" dog food is going nationwide, freeing man’s best friend from banishment to the doghouse for causing excessive indoor air pollution. Reaching out to dog owners everywhere who may not yet have retail access to Dave’s "Simply the Best" dog food, Ratner has launched a new website,, giving customers the opportunity to order directly online with convenient home delivery.

With 210-dog years of experience in the pet food business, Dave began selling "Simply the Best" dog food in his four Massachusetts retail locations about three years ago and a funny thing happened. Customers loved the product for a variety of reasons—their dogs seemed healthier and had more energy—but most of all their dogs had noticeably less gas! Soon new customers began appearing at Ratner’s four retail locations of Dave's Soda and Pet City in Agawam, Springfield, Hadley, and Northampton, Massachusetts asking for the "no gas" dog food.

Fido And Fifi Are What They Eat
Fine tuning of the formulation of Dave’s "Simply the Best" dog food resulted in the first dog food ever designed to attack a specific problem, in this case excessive gas. "Since dogs get gas from eating foods that they don’t digest properly, the key was to develop a dog food formulation that was based on easily digestible ingredients," notes Ratner, the CIO (Chief Instigating Officer) of Dave's Pet Food.

The result is Dave’s "Simply the Best" dog food, an extremely digestible dog food made with eggs, the perfect protein. In addition, "Simply the Best" has more digestible meat protein than just about any other dry dog food. The chicken, rice and egg go right into a dog’s system, supplying necessary nutrients for dogs of all ages and sizes. Dogs thrive while eating less, offering a healthy alternative to maintaining a dog’s proper weight. Dogs feel full and dog owners have less to pick up in the back yard!

Ratner is also offering a 100% money back guarantee to dog owners who purchase Dave’s "Simply the Best" dog food, promising that "Your dog eats Dave’s Simply the Best or I will."

Dave’s "Simply the Best"
Dave Ratner has been marketing his own brand of dog food for the past fifteen years, selling it at Dave's Soda and Pet City locations in Agawam, Springfield, Hadley, and Northampton, Massachusetts. Realizing that Dave’s "Simply the Best" dog food was, well, simply the best formulation for dogs of all ages and sizes, Ratner launched so that "Simply the Best" could be directly available to discriminating dog owners everywhere.

Dave's Pet Food headquarters is located at 11 Ramah Circle in Agawam, MA 01001. For additional information, or to order Dave’s "Simply the Best" dog food, call 888-763-2738 (toll free), visit, or email Dave at and tell him about your dog.
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