How Safe Are We Really? Could the Next Terrorist Attack Be Against The United States and Our Milk Su

Published: Tue Jul 26 2005

Los Angeles, California, July 25, 2005. With the tragic events unfolding in London on July 7, 2005, the scare of terrorists attacking on US soil, rampant reports of the possible threat to our nation’s milk supply, and school less than three weeks away, one is left to wonder how safe we really are? Could terrorists use biologic agents, such as smallpox or anthrax, against us? And has the government done all it can to protect its citizens? Dr. Paulo J. Reyes thinks we need to do more and continues to bring awareness about what he considers "clear and present danger."

Headlines of the dangers to our milk supply were stirred by a recent report by researchers at Stanford University. This report generated significant press coverage including articles in Washington Post, Fox News, USA Today, and CNN to name a few. It reiterated the vulnerability of our nation’s milk supply. Study leader Lawrence M. Wein, noted what raised even greater suspicion was the fact that the government tried to delay the report’s release. Rick Weiss wrote in the Washington Post on June 29th concerning the report, "About a third of an ounce of botulism toxin poured by bioterrorists into a milk truck en route from a dairy farm to a processing plant could cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in economic losses, according to a scientific analysis that was published yesterday despite efforts by federal officials to keep the details secret."

Dr. Paulo J. Reyes, a practicing Emergency Room Doctor and First Responder to Disasters in Los Angeles, California with a medical career spanning 25 years, is also the author of the medical thriller, Sledgehammer (ISBN # 0-595-66984-0). He has spoken for years about the threat of a smallpox attack and is an avid supporter of nationwide vaccinations. Through extensive research, his training as a First Responder for terrorists attacks, and his understanding of the health care system, he feels there is enough evidence to support the possibility of terrorists using smallpox as a weapon against us. Reyes contends, "What if smallpox, a disease thought to be eradicated, was used to devastating effect as a weapon of mass destruction? U.S. intelligence has publicized the possible existence of stocks of smallpox in Iraq, North Korea, France and Russia as grounds for concern that it might be used as a weapon of mass infection against us. Knowing what we know about the workings of al-Qaeda, shouldn’t we do more to protect ourselves against this?"

Reyes’ book, Sledgehammer, details an outbreak of Smallpox and its devastating and fatal effects. It portrays how rapidly the disease spreads, the potential extensive devastation if air-borne, and the fatality of those in contact. Of utmost importance is the alarming realization that the government won’t accept the reality and diagnosis because of their belief smallpox is no longer a threat. Reyes acknowledged once having first hand experience of a case in the ER while working, which presented with symptoms similar to smallpox. However, in contacting the CDC he was informed of the improbability of it being that disease. Reason given -- This disease no longer exists. We know that the danger exists today. Let’s bring this possible threat to the table and address it, solve it, and then rest assured that our nation has done all it can to fight the evils against it.

For more information on the dangers of smallpox go to Dr. Reyes website at His book, Sledgehammer is available online at Barnes & Noble and other leading bookstores.


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