Hotelnet gives its customers another great reason to travel

From: Hotelnet
Published: Mon Feb 26 2007

Hotelnet, the UK's online holiday and hotel specialist, is giving its customers a fantastic reason to take a holiday - by an extra free night in destinations all over the globe

Winter is at its peak: but while a bit of rain, wind and brisk air aren’t so bad, a couple months of it is enough to make anyone want to pack their bags and head for sunnier destinations. Hotelnet's advice: go ahead - pack those bags.

Hotelnet is currently offering an extra nights hotel stay in many of its International hotels, including warm and sunny destinations like Egypt, South Africa and Singapore, as well as exciting cities like Sydney and Dubai - so would be holiday makers caught in the winter gloom have a further encouragement to travel.

Anyone planning to getaway to a place where surf, sand and sun are at their best, then Dubai could be just that place: with beautiful beaches, amazing sightseeing opportunities and thrilling holiday activities, any holidaymaker is sure to come away with an experience of a lifetime. Moreover, with many International Hotel offers, Hotelnet customers can even obtain free nights in several 5-star hotels located on the spectacular Jumeirah Beach.

Another option is to travel to the island country of Singapore. Nestled in Southeast Asia - just 85 miles north of the Equator - Singapore is a true haven for holidaymakers who are looking for a bit of warmth and sun in the winter. Visit exciting hotspots, like Singapore's famous Chinatown or Orchard Road, Singapore's most prestigious shopping district, and there will never be a dull moment. Hotelnet even has money-saving offers covering some fantastic hotels in Singapore, so holidaymakers can enjoy all the splendours of a bustling city for less.

While no one needs to justify a holiday, Hotelnet simply can't resist giving its customers the perfect reason to travel: International free nights in fabulous hotels all over the world. So take advantage of Hotelnet's money-saving offers and great rates on sunny holidays today - and leave the scarves and gloves behind.

About Hotelnet:

Hotelnet is owned and operated by Superbreak Mini Holidays Ltd, and is part of Holidaybreak plc.

Hotelnet offers online hotel reservations for worldwide destinations. Customers can search from over 42,000 hotels in thousands of locations to find luxury and low-cost hotels to suit every style and budget.

Hotelnet is the hotel booking directory for travellers around the world who want both quality and the best hotel deals available.
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