DirectRooms - The 34th Cairo Film Festival to start from 30 November 2010

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Published: Fri Oct 15 2010

The Cairo Film Festival always extends a hand of friendship to all of the other festivals in the hope that they can exchange their ideas and concepts. This is definitely a positive direction to take, as it will help them develop and enhance the Egyptian, Arab and African film industry.

The receptions that are held in Cairo are very grand and regal affairs. They are mostly held in ancient buildings that have been opened in honour of the festival. Can you imagine watching a premiere in those sorts of surroundings? It would be a spectacular and fitting backdrop for the drama of any film. The Cairo Film Festival was established in 1976 and welcomes films that have been inspired by Egyptian history and mythology. The International Federation of Film Producers' Associations consider this one of the top 11 festivals worldwide giving it a top class rating.

Cairo is a very old and ancient city with many sites and attractions for people to see. The museum in this city is one of the best in the world and no visit to the Cairo would be complete without a trip to see it. If you are going to visit the film festival why not book into one of the cheap Cairo hotels.


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