Heal Yourself!

Published: Thu Jul 28 2005

‘Amatsuhealth’ is a West London based clinic offering a unique Japanese therapy known as ‘Amatsu Medicine’. This therapy combines several therapies together such as bodywork, needling, nutritional therapy, Japanese massage and cranio-sacral therapy to naturally balance the entire body regardless of the symptoms presented.

Speaking about the therapy Amatsuhealth’s co-founder and principal practitioner Sukhjinder Padda said: "More and more people are now discovering the benefits of alternative therapy with even the NHS now offering acupuncture. However these therapies are mainly single therapies, for example a physiotherapist will offer physical therapy an acupuncturist will offer only acupuncture. Can you imagine the health benefits in combining these therapies together into a single session not to mention the time and money you will save by not having to go to different therapists?

"By providing an integrated therapy we are able to offer people a variety of treatments for a wide variety of ailments this provides true long term health benefits as the bodies own healing process is activated and will continue to heal the body. But we don’t just focus on specific ailments we also cater for tired and stressed employees from office workers to building contractors as well as all those mums and dads who deserve a little pampering.

"How? By offering stress busting Japanese massages, relaxation sessions and meditation. We promise to have you rejuvenated and healing yourself again, after all health is wealth."

Contact Name: Sukhjinder Padda
Contact Email: info@amatsuhealth.com
Contact Phone: 07960 048275

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