The Harley Medical Group reports increase in treatments for stretch marks and scars

From: The Harley Medical Group
Published: Tue Oct 19 2010

The Harley Medical Group is reporting a peak in bookings to treat stretch marks, as women spread the word about a new laser treatment available exclusively at The Harley Medical Group.

The treatment, launched in May 2010, has already been used to successfully treat hundreds of patients in the London area and, with news spreading by word of mouth, bookings have doubled each week. The treatment rolls out nationwide in October 2010.

This non-surgical laser treatment is the only treatment of its kind in the world to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The fractional laser has been clinically proven to dramatically reduce the appearance of stretch marks after only a few sessions. Women have been so impressed with the results that they have been recommending the treatment to their friends looking for a solution to troublesome stretch marks.

Lisa Littlehales, Specialist Nurse Councillor at The Harley Medical Group, said: "After spending days in swimwear on the beach, many women return from their summer holidays feeling compelled to change parts of their body they aren’t happy with. With 90% of women suffering from stretch marks, usually on their breasts, stomach or thighs, the new laser procedure is the ultimate beauty treatment."

Stretch marks can appear when elastin in the skin is stretched, as a result of sudden growth, such as during pregnancy, weight gain or loss, or as a result of growth spurts during puberty. Although mainly affecting women, men are not exempt either with the most commonly affected areas including the arms, flanks and back.

Littlehales continued: "There’s no downtime involved in this treatment so patients can pop in on a lunch break for a session. The laser works by delivering a ray of microbeams, to create columns of heat within the skin. As the tissue is heated, it kick-starts a natural healing process that stimulates new, healthy tissue. Patients are left with a fresher, more youthful skin tone and texture in the affected area."


About The Harley Medical Group
The Harley Medical Group is the UK's largest cosmetic surgery provider, performing more procedures and with more clinics than any other cosmetic surgery provider. It has been established since 1983 and is one of the most highly-regarded Cosmetic Surgery Groups operating in the UK. It has treated over 450,000 patients to date.

The Harley Medical Group works tirelessly to maintain the highest standards in the industry for the benefits all cosmetic surgery and non surgical patients.  We are currently at the forefront of the campaign to ensure that the Government continues to regulate the use of certain laser types used in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments so that patients are protected from rogue practitioners. The Harley Medical Group also offers other procedures such as laser hair removal and rhinoplasty

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