Delphi Academy Students Help Community as Drug-Free Marshals

From: Delphi Academy of San Diego
Published: Fri Jul 29 2005

Delphi Academy of San Diego students Ana Corrigan and Stephanie Baker, both age 10, are Drug-Free Marshals. They have decided to step up and take responsibility for their communities by helping to educate people on the negative effects of drugs.

The Drug-Free Marshals program ( was started in 1993 to educate youth on the negative effects of drugs, to challenge them to "live a drug-free life" and to get them to help their friends and family also stay away from drugs.

"I help with the Drug Free Marshals because I know how drugs affect people, and once a person is taking drugs, they no longer realize what’s happening to them. The person thinks it helps them but it doesn’t because it takes all their vitamins away from their bodies," said Baker.

Both students attend the Delphi Academy of San Diego in La Jolla during the day and travel around their communities educating people and swearing in new Drug-Free Marshals during their free time.

Corrigan said this when asked how her education at Delphi Academy has played a role in her activities as a Drug-Free Marshal, "Since we learned manners here at Delphi that helped me a lot because that way I was able to get my communication across to the people I was pledging in. Also since I know how to clear up my misunderstood words, then I was able to understand about the Drug-Free Marshals and help people."

Elva Baker, Stephanie's mom, had this to say, "I know that her [Stephanie's] sense of responsibility has increased because of the Drug-Free Marshals. She could not have participated in it had it not been for the foundation she has received at Delphi Academy."

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