Listen To Sherry Healy Interviewed by Rob McConnell

From: Star Enterprises International
Published: Sat Jul 30 2005

Sherry Healy talks about her new book Dare To Be Intuitive and tells about her amazing story of how by using her intuition Sherry saved her life. Sherry states "When you dare to be the person you were born to be, a life of true happiness unfolds. Every human being can find the way to create and live a happy life. Intuition is a natural gift born to all people. Learning to use this gift provides the reader with a spectrum of life enhancing possibilities.

Dare to Be….Intuitive is designed for every person who seeks a better way of life. This book suggests a life system that allows the reader to create abundance, nurturing relationships, spiritual enlightenment and self wisdom. The ability to focus ones mind and take charge of ones life is emphasized throughout this book.

To read this book is to learn to access intuition naturally and always. Just imagine knowing what is right and best for yourself in every situation. As you practice the exercises made available in this book, you will learn to perform an intuitive reading for yourself and others. You will explore the world of day dreams and night dreams. You will ponder such situations as the collective unconscious, life after death and Spirit energy.

I have shared my intuitive and healing insights with you from the pages of this book. I have dedicated my life to helping and healing others. It is my hopes that this book acts as an extension of my work guiding you to find your authentic self.

As you peruse the pages, allow your natural desires to soar. These are the energies of your intuition."

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