Vaccine controversy featured in novel by award-winning author Sarah Collins Honenberger

Inspired by an actual case, attorney-turned-author Sarah Collins Honenberger brings to light the reality of vaccine injuries and the controversies over the government's Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund in her new novel, White Lies: A Tale of Babies, Vaccines, and Deception.

[ClickPress, Sun Mar 04 2007] Honenberger credits the widespread interest in this particular book to the subject matter—vaccine injuries and the recent medical link between childhood vaccinations and autism. Autism, classified by the National Institute of Health as an epidemic in December 2005, affects 1 in 166 children. The families of those children are filing for assistance to the same government compensation fund that figures in Honenberger’s fictional version of real events involving one baby’s seizures from the DPT vaccination.

“The manufacturers and the government made certain promises to the parents who were exposing their children to the risks in order to protect the general population from the disease. Then when the claims started coming in, they changed the statute so that it’s harder to prove the link. It’s like changing the rules after the cards are dealt.” Honenberger, having practiced law for over twenty-five years, argues she is not advocating against vaccines. “Vaccines, properly tested and cautiously approved, reduce disease. But blind acceptance of a mandated vaccination schedule puts some children more at risk than others. Informed decisions and re-evaluations after an adverse reaction are a safer course.”

Because White Lies is inspired by one mother’s quest for the truth about her baby’s seizures and brain damage, Honenberger hopes her book will help spread the word about vaccine-associated risks. “This mother is so upbeat despite all the bad things that happened to her. She was my inspiration. She still is. She’s feisty and outspoken, a great advocate. When she finally gave me permission to tell the story, she hoped the book would encourage other families whose children had an adverse reaction to investigate before allowing a booster. And to go forward and file for assistance.”

Cedar Creek Publishing, Honenberger’s publisher, believes White Lies is more than an opportunity to raise awareness for vaccine injury issues. Publisher, Linda M. Layne, says, “Like a watercolor artist, Sarah has creatively blended a good book of fiction using a palette of true experiences and raw emotions that take you into the minds of the characters and to the heart of the events. It’s a story of conflict and loss, hope and redemption for a grieving mother and her disillusioned attorney.”

Honenberger’s talent for writing fiction has netted her first place awards in The Antietam Review, New Millenium, SouthLit and The HooK. When she’s not writing, she’s teaching creative writing, judging writing contests, appearing on literary panels at book festivals, or editing manuscripts for other writers. Currently she’s on tour and available to talk about her new book as well as writing about health-related political issues in fiction. To read more about White Lies and the author, see White Lies is available at

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