Robert Symons Releases Tropicana Steel Pan Volume 3

From: Robert Symons Tropicana Steel Pan
Published: Sun Jul 31 2005

Bermuda-08/01/05-Robert Symons, the renowned Steel Pan musician from Bermuda recently released his third volume of Tropicana Steel Pan interpretations. Following the formula of success employed on the previous two volumes, Symons takes recognizable pop gems and turns them into an island paradise with his expertise on the steel pan and Yamaha QY20.

Tropicana Steel Pan – Bermuda Volume 3 is a fine effort due to the new life the tunes find with the tropical way of living. The music of the steel pan is a one of the focal points of the Bermuda culture. Just as anywhere else in the world, the importance of music is paramount. The creator of the music normally reflects their country in some fashion. Symons is very successful at conveying the Bermuda attitude and culture through his music. The relaxing island getaway has music to match its stunning beauty through the unique and engaging sound of the Steel Pan Drums.

This music is the ultimate stress buster. With warm island breezes and a burning sun in your mind you will find comfort and relaxation in every tracked offered on Tropicana Steel Pan – Bermuda Volume 3. You may not be able to travel to Bermuda in a literal sense; however, Symons takes you there through his music with ease. It is so convincing that when you close your eyes you can feel the warm pink sand of their famous beaches between your toes.

Great tunes like "To Sir With Love" and "Handyman" give the album a variety just as the preceding volumes offered. A strong pop sensibility dominates the album with many different decades represented. Each listener has the opportunity to find sweet memories connected to each particular song.

This is real treat for the instrumental enthusiast and it will certainly find success in a large diverse audience.


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