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From: Voila Salon & Spa
Published: Mon Aug 01 2005

Voilà Salon & Spa is honored to have the opportunity to offer clients the innovative, result oriented, microcurrent technology. Touted by magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle as the, "Non-Surgical Face Lift" machine, and in Europe as the "Miracle Machine", this technology and technique is giving baby boomers an alternative to plastic surgery and other minimally invasive procedures.

"We introduced the technology on June 6 of this year. Our clients are amazed with the results being produced in such a short period of time. They are literally able to experience the results instantly. We are providing free demonstrations so clients can see the benefits on their own skin with their own eyes. We do one side of the face at a time, and let me tell you, no one wants to leave without having the other side of their face finished! That is how incredible it is!"

Lori Halloway, owner of Voilà Salon & Spa has been looking for a new result oriented procedure for her clientele ever since the State Board of Cosmetology altered the relationship of estheticians with microdermabrasion. Not only did she travel across the country to examine the machine; she also took a two-day intensive training course with the company before introducing it to her clientele.

"Several other product lines and pieces of equipment had impressive marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, the results did not live up to that marketing. Our clientele trust and depend on us to only introduce and offer procedures that work." This particular piece of technology was designed at London University based on the studies of cellular regeneration. It increases the local metabolism of the skin and muscle tissue. It is able to strengthen and tone loose and slack muscles, giving a firmer appearance to the face. It stimulates and speeds up the rate at which the body produces its own muscle protein, connective tissue fibers, collagen and elastin, so increasing the supportive framework of the dermis. This anti-aging treatment benefit is both preventative and corrective and can be realized by men and women of all ages.

To learn more about microcurrent, visit www.Voila-salon-spa.com. To arrange a treatment or a demonstration, please call Voilà Salon & Spa at 734-944-9363. "A Beautiful Complexion Begins With a Philosophy of Prevention and Preservation!" Love the skin you are in!

Contact Person: Lori Halloway
Company Name: Voilà Salon & Spa, Saline, Michigan 48176
Dateline: July 25, 2005
Telephone Number: (734) 944-9363
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Company: Voila Salon & Spa
Contact Name: Lori Halloway
Contact Email: voilasalonspa@aol.com
Contact Phone: 734-944-9363

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