Car-Scrapyards mirrors the trends of the U.K. market

From: France Casse
Published: Tue Oct 26 2010

With its U.K-dedicated website Car-Scrapyards, FranceCasse is able to make out the evolution of several major tendencies. The company draws on a database of tens of thousands requests and to a previous analysis that was released a few months ago to support its conclusions.

As opposed to the beginning of the year, the figures proposed by Car-Scrapyards are slightly decreasing regarding the overall number of requests. This could be induced by the major economic crisis that has been hitting the world for the past two years: no economic sector has been totally spared. Yet, as a used spare part is still far cheaper than a new one, the market keeps going pretty well. One can notice these slight changes in the detailed figures as well. For instance, although Vauxhall gives away its #1 ranking to the American car maker Ford, the recorded decrease is very small (in the order of 0.1%). It is nonetheless worth noticing that the two most requested models are still made by Vauxhall: the Astra (almost 3% of the requests) and the Corsa (2.5%).

It is not a surprise that European car manufacturers are the most requested: seven of them make it in the top ten (more that 42% of the requests for these makers, a stable figure). Among them we can find the three major French car makers (Renault, Citro├źn and Peugeot used car parts) as well as two big German makes (Volkswagen and BMW) and Fiat. The two left seats are for the Japanese manufacturers Nissan and Toyota.

FranceCasse CEO Olivier Haro commented about the figures: "This is obviously reflecting the actual market in the United Kingdom. The French and Spanish websites tends to mirror the local markets as well. This is a fairly useful and interesting tool for the automotive industry in general".

About Francecasse

Francecasse is an online parts finder based in France. Founded in 2006, this concept is the result of the collaboration between Internet development specialists and car experts. The company has simplified the buying and selling of car spares by setting up a website where the supply meets the demand.

The British website provides a wide range of car spares and lets any visitor make a car part request for free. The database also contains more than 100 car manufacturers, making it easier for the web users to find their used car parts.

In order to reply to these requests, Francecasse collaborates with many car breakers that will reply to the customers instantly. The latter will then receive an e-mail with many offers from the scrap yards, and will have the possibility to choose the most interesting one. Every day, the company helps hundreds of people find their used car spares, putting them in contact with a large network of breaker yards in the U.K.
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