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From: O2 Beauty International Ltd
Published: Mon Aug 01 2005

O2 Beauty International Ltd are proud to announce the launch of O2 Detox Foot Spas. These excellent quality detox foot spas offer a more efficient treatment and the machines have been through rigorous health and safety checks to ensure that they are one of the safest detox machines available.

The most important feature of the O2 Detox foot spas is the fact that the control panel is completely separate to the water filled footbowl. This features enaures that water cannot leak into the control panel, ensuring reliability time after time.

All O2 Detox Systems are built in accordance to our award-winning manufacturer's internal standard ISO 9001. PCB assembly to IEC-A-610 Standard and product construction to IEC 910 as the standard. Operator controls and displays are provided by a membrane panel and LCD, unlike its competitors there are no metal buttons or switches which may cause shocks when damp.

The unit is additionally fused to protect against the mis-use of alternative power supplies being added, providing the user with added safety should a therapist mistakenly plug into another power supply. All O2 Detox models carry labelling for warnings, ratings, handling and serial number.

All units contain a Medically-Approved power supply and have an integral carry handle for ease of transit.

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