Professionals and business people turning to life coaches for help handling stress

From: Your Wealth for Life
Published: Thu Oct 28 2010

Professionals and business people throughout the UK are turning to specialist life coaches, as the stressful effect of the recession takes its toll, reports a leading Midlands personal development expert.

Bruce Kidson founder of Your Wealth for Life, an innovative on-line life coaching programme, says over the last two years the growth in the number of life coaches in the country and the increasing amount of enquiries from professionals and business people is evidence that more people are seeing the value in seeking guidance in their purpose of life and personal development.

"Previously life coaches were dismissed with cynicism and amusement, some kind of new trend from across the water in the USA. However, people of all ages are now recognising the advantages of setting and achieving goals whether it’s getting married to finding a new career. A recent report published this summer in the national press even highlighted the number of schools employing life coaches to help pupils of all ages improve their approach to learning and raising self-esteem," said Bruce.

"Professional people suffering from stress at work are typical of those employing life coaches as they seek to re-evaluate their lives and try to find a balance and purpose in the midst of the recession.

"From a personal point of view, in the past twelve months I have been overwhelmed by the number of people seeking my services ranging from businessmen, solicitors, estate agents, accountants and doctors to name but a few. This prompted me to set up an on-line coaching course that helps these individuals establish their purpose in life, within their own time taking in four important modules; purpose, wealth, relationships and health.

One grateful recipient is Sharon Kendal, an owner of a Midlands based marketing company who contacted Bruce earlier in the year looking for some help in balancing the pressures of a successful business and a busy home life explaining "l want to feel good again".

"Bruce’s approach was open to what I wanted. He shared his own experiences and knowledge to help me talk about how I was feeling, and to try and find a path to start feeling good. He showed me tools and techniques to help me empty my head of all the ‘stuff’ that was whizzing around, using up energy that could be directed into feeling good.

"He also helped me to enjoy the ‘now’ – to live in the present rather than busying myself with what needs to be done or how I’d like things to be. This has helped me feel less stressed and I now focus more on living in the moment," added Sharon.

"Being coached and given direction is like anything else, the more people use it the more they will recognise its value after seeing tangible results. How many times in business do we admit that when we are swimming around with everything going on around us, we gain benefit from someone else outside of the fish bowl who can offer some clarity and direction?" concluded Bruce.

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