The Best Life Insurance Broker's Career Path

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Published: Thu Oct 28 2010

Anyone seeking a life insurance policy wants to be sure that they have the best insurance possible, especially in risky financial times. With such a major decision to make, a potential client wants to be confident that their beneficiaries will be well looked after in the event of their death.

A professional insurance broker will help to ensure this peace of mind. A properly trained broker has a great deal of knowledge of the industry, gained through training, examination and many years' experience within the sector. They are perfectly placed to find the best life insurance for their clients thanks to their extensive network of contacts.

A career as a broker can be a rewarding one, with a good salary and a good degree of professional recognition. There is also a great deal of satisfaction to be found in finding the best life insurance for a client and thus providing them not only with the right product, but the knowledge that their family and dependents will be properly taken care of.

There are several stages that a prospective broker will need to pass through before becoming fully trained and registered. At best this will involve experience of the life insurance industry itself, plus study for professional exams and the subsequent qualifications gained. It is possible for aspiring brokers to join a brokerage firm immediately after their GCSEs but, due to competition, many companies prefer to see A-levels - especially those in subjects such as accounting, business, economics or management.

If a candidate's GCSEs and/or A-levels are more arts or scientifically related, then a brokerage firm will most likely demand that they undertake a period of apprenticeship with an established insurance firm. This can attract industry funding, if the candidate is between 16 and 24 years old.

Entering an insurance firm with the intention of becoming a broker usually means beginning as a trainee insurance technician. During this period, a candidate is required to garner first-hand experience of all the best life insurance types and to sit for several industry-based examinations. Different qualifications are required for each branch of the insurance industry, and for life insurance, a candidate will be expected to gain Competent Advisor Status (CAS) via FSA-approved exams in insurance, financial advice, or both.

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