Bed Bugs Growing At An Alarming Rate

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Published: Thu Oct 28 2010

Most of us have heard about the resurgence of bed bugs around the world and in the United States. Cities in states all over the country are reporting an alarming increase in the number of reports of bed bugs. It appears that no one is immune to dealing with bed bugs. Many Hollywood stars have reported dealing with bed bug infestations in recent months.

The reason for this is simple. Bed bugs are most commonly picked up in hotels and other high trafficked areas. People that travel and stay in hotels all of the time are at the highest risk of dealing with a bed bug infestation. That means that movie stars like Tom Cruise, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carrel must know how to deal with bed bugs.

Unfortunately it is not just bedrooms and hotels that are dealing with bed bugs nowadays. 2010 has seen a sharp increase in reports of bed bugs in commercial establishments. Any place with high traffic needs to be on high alert for the little blood suckers. Airports deal with bed bugs all of the time. That is because bed bugs usually travel home in suitcases and clothing. Even though the problem has not been readily reported, airports are dealing with bed bug infestations in record numbers!

New York city has seen a huge increase in reports of infestations in commercial buildings. They are dealing with bed bugs all over the city, and the infestations show no signs of slowing down. New York has a huge tourism industry, so they are especially susceptible to activity.

While movie stars and commercial buildings have access to funds to fight an infestation, consumers often have to fight the infestation with home remedies. The market for home products to fight them is exploding right now, but researchers are still searching for a product to effectively exterminate bed bugs.
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