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From: The Student Journals
Published: Fri Oct 29 2010

The Student Journals (TSJ), an online platform for university students to share their thoughts and concerns, was launched in the UK yesterday. The website is open to students at all UK universities and currently features articles by students from a variety of institutions, including Cambridge University, University of Warwick and City University, London.

TSJ will be used as an opportunity for all university students throughout the UK to choose their own topics of discussion and explore an avenue different to those currently available such as university newspapers and magazines.

TSJ’s objectives include giving students the opportunity to express their opinion on a national level as well as open up various doors for experience in professional journalism. Additionally, it hopes to develop and nurture talented writers through its extensive commentary pages.

Founder and editor of TSJ Siraj Datoo said, "Up until now, students have not have had an outlet from which to voice their opinion on such a large scale. TSJ revolutionises that. While student newspapers will continue to represent students for generations to come, there is nowhere students can go to share their thoughts with universities across the nation."

Datoo also paid homage to Ahmed Versi, editor of The Muslim News.

"Ahmed Versi founded the paper when Muslims living in the UK did not have an effective political voice. If you look now, you have the first Muslim woman to serve in the Cabinet and it was Sadiq Khan who ran Ed Miliband’s successful leadership campaign. Students need somewhere to express their opinion and hopefully politicians and national media alike will frequent the site to keep up to date with the views of university students in the UK," he said.

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