Pump Up Your Book Announces November ‘10 Authors on Tour

From: Pump Up Your Book
Published: Mon Nov 01 2010

Join a talented and diverse group of 41 authors who are touring with Pump Up Your Book during November 2010. This is the largest group of authors Pump Up Your Book has ever put on tour in a given month!

Follow these authors as they travel the blogosphere from November 1st through November 26th to discuss their books. You’ll find everything from horror to mystery novels, from children’s books to culinary books, from romance to self-help, and more!

Vincent Zandri returns to Pump Up Your Book in November to begin his two-month tour to promote the paperback version of his bestselling horror novel, "The Remains". Pamela Samuels Young is also back with her legal thriller, "Buying Time", and Marilyn Meredith returns to discuss the latest book in her Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, "Invisible Path".

Maybe you’re starting to think about the holidays and winter. NY Times bestselling author Jon Katz is on tour with, "Rose in a Storm", his first novel in a decade. Also on tour with books set around this time of year are Kristy Haile, Sheila Roberts, and Tim Slover.

Thrillers come to you from John L. Betcher and Mary Maddox, while Kathy Bell, Valmore Daniels, DCS, Rolf Hitzer, and Mark Oetjens talk about their science-fiction books. Historical novels are being promoted by M.M. Bennetts, Kieran Kramer, and Hana Samek Norton. Children’s books come to you from Cheryl Malandrinos, K.D. Hays and Meg Weidman, and W.S. Martin.

Two series of books will be on tour in November: The Truth series for girls by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein and The Tinfish series by Chris Wardle.

For non-fiction lovers we have memoirs from Shari Bookstaff and Dina Kucera, a true crime book from James D. Livingston, a culinary book from Denise Burroughs, a self-help anthology on tour with Judi Moreo, a book on spirituality by Nick Oliva, and a women’s issues book from Kandy Siahaya.

Also on tour with Pump Up Your Book in November are Joel M. Andre, Monica Brinkman, Lian Dolan, Shelly Frome, Mike Manos, Sam Moffie, LeAnn Neil Reilly, Robert Seymour, Vila Spiderhawk, Hazel Statham, Bronwyn Storm, and Amanda Wolfe.

Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wuu3mdIbEg to view a video trailer introducing our authors on tour in November.

Pump Up Your Book is a virtual book tour agency for authors who want quality service at an affordable price. More information can be found on their website at www.pumpupyourbook.com.
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