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Published: Mon Nov 01 2010

Red Eye Entertainment, a full service multi-media sports and entertainment company is proud to announce the debut of the 4 CHOSEN, a tell-all documentary that became one of the most highly publicized and landmark racial profiling cases of our time. This special invitation only viewing will take place on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 6:00pm in The Screening Room at The Bryant Park Hotel in New York City.

The documentary 4 CHOSEN, is an extraordinary tale of when a few stood against many. The film carefully illustrates the fateful evening on April 23, 1998 when four talented New York college basketball players Danny Reyes, Jarmaine Grant, Rayshawn Brown and Keshon Moore, known today as the Jersey 4, fell victim to police brutality at the hands of two New Jersey State Troopers. While in route to a basketball showcase in North Carolina, the dreams of four aspiring athletes’ came to a screeching halt during a traffic stop on the New Jersey Turnpike. Without provocation the two state troopers opened fire delivering thirteen (13) strategic and close ranged shots that wounded three of the four young men. "The bullets that entered our bodies changed our lives forever. They hindered our athlete abilities, as well as our relationship with the game we love – Basketball", shared Jarmaine Grant, member of the Jersey 4.

This epic story incited discussions about racial profiling that stretched across the U.S. which included prominent community leaders and government officials such as former Governor of the State of New Jersey Christie Todd Whitman; leading defense attorney the late Johnnie Cochran; The U.S. House of Representatives, and Al Sharpton. This landmark case drew commentary from international political figures including members of the United Nations, then former First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton and President George W. Bush. "What is truly disappointing, is that even today within the 21st Century, men of color are still being faced with prejudge misconception about their character? The initial intent of the troopers when searching the vehicle was to find drugs. However, instead they found my John Steinbeck novel "The Pearl", Jarmaine's Bible and our basketball workout clothes", explained Danny Reyes, member of the Jersey 4 and CEO of Red Eye Entertainment.

The Jersey 4 incident sparked the highest investigation of racial profiling in the State of New Jersey to-date. Through the guidance and representation of David Ironman and the late Johnnie Cochran,
the Jersey 4 received the highest settlement within the history of the State of Jersey. Furthermore, although New Jersey state troopers James Kenna and John Hogan pleaded to a lesser charge of racial profiling, it was the first time in U.S. history law enforcement officials ever admitted its institutionalized practice.

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4 CHOSEN, an true story about courage and survival that began when the dreams of four young college basketball players Danny Reyes, Jarmaine Grant, Rayshawn Brown and Keshon Moore, were suddenly shattered in a hail of bullets on April 23, 1998. For more information please log into
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