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From: Mile High Denver Auto Repair
Published: Tue Nov 02 2010

Mile High Denver Auto Repair today released an announcement intended to provide information to customers and interested members of the driving public on the most recent tips and recommendations for saving gas and minimizing fuel expenses. Adherence to basic and easy-to-follow guidelines can make a significant impact on automobile fuel consumption. Gas saving tips and considerations include the following:

1) Upgrade you car: Buying a newer car with built-in improvements in gas economy is one way to improve gas mileage, although at some initial cost. This option may not be the first to select for most people but if an accumulation of factors suggest it’s time to invest in a new car then an improvement in gas economy may be one purchase criteria.

2) Change driving habits: Aggressive driving practices such as stopping short at traffic lights and rapid acceleration from a stop are among well-known driving behaviors that detract from fuel economy. Exceeding speed limits is another one. Drivers will save fuel by remembering to use overdrive gears when driving conditions allow it. Excessive idling also contributes to poor gas mileage.

3) Ensure proper maintenance: Making sure your car is properly tuned and that replaceable items such as air filters are in good condition can favorably impact your car’s gas mileage. Mechanics and auto technicians uniformly stress the importance of keeping up-to-date on maintenance items for the sake of your car’s performance and operational longevity. Lower operating costs by way of improved gas mileage are a much welcome side benefit as well.

4) Pay attention to tires: Check tire pressure at least once a month to ensure proper inflation. Proper tire inflation according to your automobile’s specifications not only increases fuel efficiency but can add to the life of your tires due to more even wear.

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