From: Sports Marketing Surveys
Published: Wed Aug 03 2005

The 21st Racket, Clothing and Footwear Census carried out by Sports Marketing Surveys at the Wimbledon Championships shows Wilson as the number one racket of choice for the tenth consecutive year. They also received more television coverage than any other brand, with Wilson players on the Centre and No.1 courts for a total of fifty hours.

For the first time, Sports Marketing Surveys has created a league table based on the Olympic concept of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. This shows that although Great Britain and the Czech Republic ranked second and third (behind the USA) in numbers of players, they ranked 6th and 9th in medals won across all events.

For rackets the league table shows Wilson a clear winner followed at a distance by Head and Babolat.

Adidas and Nike had similar numbers of users of their footwear, but Nike comes out well ahead in medal points gained.

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August 2005
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