rEvolution Acquires Event Management Solutions; George Pollington to Lead New Corporate Hospitality

From: rEvolution
Published: Fri Mar 09 2007

rEvolution, the Chicago-based integrated sports marketing and media services agency, recently launched a Corporate Hospitality Division and added it to its portfolio of service offerings. To lead this division, rEvolution tapped veteran George Pollington a 20-year industry pioneer in corporate hospitality and event management. Pollington, along with his company Event Management Solutions was acquired by rEvolution to enhance its experience in the design, management and implementation of corporate programs for major Corporations. Pollington brings a wealth of knowledge working with U.S., European, and global sporting events including Super Bowl, The Masters, Kentucky Derby, NCAA Final Four, Wimbledon, US Open Golf, Tennis, Formula 1, FIFA World Cup, Ryder Cup and The Olympics.

With Pollington’s experience and industry relationships he and the team will expand rEvolution’s Corporate Hospitality Division and forge new partnerships in the industry. Pollington strongly believes that corporate hospitality is a vital part of sports marketing today.

Pollington says, "Corporate hospitality is fundamentally part of the sports marketing world for two reasons. First, it provides brand leadership and second, it helps companies bring clients into situations they would not otherwise be able to be in, thus, forging and fostering stronger business relationships."

"As sports marketing evolves further as a valuable corporate tool to build customer relationships and drive business, we see an opportunity to, yet again, set new benchmarks for the industry with our Corporate Hospitality division," says rEvolution President John Rowady.

"Corporate hospitality started with great tickets, food and beverage for customers, which anybody and everybody can do today. How do you standout and provide a truly unique experience that will endear the customer to you versus your competition? The answer is by giving customers experiences they can’t buy and give them access and interaction with relevant celebrities and business contacts to help drive the indelible bond that has customers receptive to the business message and points of difference," states Rowady.

rEvolution and Pollington’s plan for 2007 is to target clients, events and properties that he has existing relationships with, as well as, new events and emerging properties to assist in demonstrating the next generation of corporate hospitality. In addition, Pollington will provide further leadership with rEvolution’s existing clients in the areas of hospitality and event marketing.

"My endeavor at rEvolution is to provide new and different experiences to our client’s customers while continuing the tradition of providing the best services and programs in the industry," says Pollington.

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A full-service sports marketing and media agency, rEvolution utilizes the platform of major sporting events, leagues, teams and athletes to promote its clients’ consumer and business-to-business brands. rEvolution is Chicago-based with a global reputation. rEvolution’s marketing division offers such services as creative strategy, sponsorship negotiation, branding, event marketing, promotion, research and hospitality. rEvolution’s media selling, buying and planning division, called the rEvolution Sports Network, provides custom-designed, on-air strategies for advertisers interested in reaching national and regional audiences through college football and basketball, World Cup Soccer, motorsports, action sports, as well as other major sports programming vehicles. Unencumbered by a network of holding company interests to consider, rEvolution, a mid-sized, independently owned agency, joins forces with clients in creating and implementing business-building ideas. Three long-standing industry experts, who possess more than 50 years of collective global sports experience and relationships, lead rEvolution’s skilled team of professionals. More information about rEvolution and the unique experiences they have created and executed is available at

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