Better Bathrooms go with the ‘Flo’

From: Better Bathrooms UK LTD
Published: Fri Nov 05 2010

Buying a new bathroom and selecting the right products for your project can often be a time consuming task, with so many styles and designs to choose from. Once you’ve finally made your decision, the next stage is to get the installation underway, which in most cases should be fairly straightforward. However, in some instances, installation can be more difficult. If you are looking to introduce an ensuite or shower room to your home, it is not always feasible for you to connect all your fittings to your main soil pipe from where you are installing.

For these situations however, help is at hand. Saniflo Macerators are the leading brand of home macerator pumps in the UK. Discrete and practical there is a huge range of Saniflo macerators to suit any job. Better Bathrooms have recently introduced the Saniflo range to their ever expanding list of products to ensure that your dream bathroom or convenient downstairs ‘loo’ can go ahead without too much unwelcome drama.

The term macerate means to soften, which is where macerators take their name. A macerator simply breaks up and pumps waste into to your soil pipe. This is done under high pressure, in the same way that airplane toilets operate. The waste is transported through a new 22mm pipe until it reaches its natural home (the soil pipe). This kind of product can open up a whole array of possibilities and there is one for almost every room in the home – the Sanishower being testament to this.

The full range of Macerators from Saniflo are in stock now at with prices starting from £239.95 and delivery available in 3-5 working days.
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