HirePatriots Launches Nationwide Employ Veterans Campaign

Published: Tue Nov 09 2010

HirePatriots, a national organization serving US Military members, veterans and their families through a unique community job board is launching a grassroots campaign to find jobs for veterans: Don't just thank a veteran, hire one. This campaign revolves around the idea that one of the best ways to honor veterans, and their families is by employing them. HirePatriots has provided employment assistance to thousands of veterans and their families for more than 6 years.

Previously focused on West Coast Veterans, HirePatriots is currently located in more than 15 locations from Florida to California and is rapidly expanding across the United States. HirePatriots has formed strategic alliances with veteran owned businesses and patriotic local business partners throughout the nation.

"We are excited about the potential of this national campaign. We know that as our campaign efforts spread across communities throughout the United States, the real benefactors will be veterans and their families," according to Mark Baird, Founder and President of HirePatriots. "We want to get hundreds of jobs posted to each of our regional websites because these jobs represent employment opportunities for veterans and their families, and this campaign will help us do just that."

HirePatriots connects military members, veterans, and their families with one-day, part-time, and full-time employment in their region. This unique job board is free. Community residents post household repairs and small jobs they need help with on the one day job board. Businesses post part time and full time employment opportunities. US Military, veterans and their families are encouraged to regularly check the job boards and apply for these jobs in their communities.

"As a proud veteran business owner, we are extremely excited to be a part of this national grassroots campaign" said Dana Hileman, sponsor of HirePatriots Hawaii. This campaign will focus on raising awareness for the need to help veterans and their families find job opportunities. It will also serve as a tool to facilitate discussion about veteran related employment issues across the nation.

"Launching a national level grassroots campaign with minimal resources is no easy task," said Brian Butler, President of Vistra Communications and sponsor of HirePatriots Florida. "We will rely heavily of social media and online tactics to raise awareness of our campaign, and we hope to find sponsors to help with social media advertising." The campaign will maintain a monthly newsletter, actively blog, and is searching for free advertisement opportunities. Campaign planners are also seeking media opportunities for the HirePatriots Regional Leaders from across the country to help gain traction in communities throughout the United States.

About Hire Patriots
HirePatriots.com serves US Military members, veterans and their families. Our number one goal is to help veterans seek employment opportunities which helps them successfully integrate back into our society, especially the injured and combat veterans. HirePatriots.com provides a free online job search portal for one-day, part-time and full-time employment opportunities.

Learn more about HirePatriots at www.HirePatriots.com. Click the "Locations" tab to find the region of the country near you. HirePatriots currently has Regional Leaders and websites in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, California, Washington and Hawaii. Connect with HirePatriots on Facebook.

To become a partner or learn more about sponsorship opportunities contact Mark Baird, Mark@HirePatriots.com or 760.730.3734.

For Media Queries contact Brian Butler, Brian@ConsultVistra.com or 813.961.4700.
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