Harold Rhett Stein Now Buys Jasper John Art in Memphis

Published: Tue Nov 09 2010

Harold Rhett Stein is now announcing the opening of his Art purchasing business, Rhett Stein Art Buyers.

Harold Rhett Stein has over 35 years of experience as a highly successful businessman. Mr. Stein is expanding to a new venture, Rhett Stein Art Buyers, and pledges to provide the same type of service and prices for his art business that he prides on providing for his other company.

Not only will Harold Rhett Stein will be purchasing art, but he will also be loaning money to those who wish to purchase Jasper Johns art pieces themselves. Rhett Stein is able to offer immediate payment or loans within 24 hours. This promptness is a service that no one else in this business offers at this time. He has the highest amount of money loaned and used to purchase these contemporary art pieces. Rhett Steinís art buying and loan services are offered as a nationwide service.

The art of interest consists of Jasper Johns contemporary works of art.
For more information, please visit http//:www.rhettstein.com.
Contact Name: hrhett
Contact Email: s21555@swbell.net