eBay Auction Offers Part in Movie and Top Billing in Credits

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Published: Thu Mar 03 2005

DUBLIN, Ireland – What Irishman (or woman) can resist an opportunity to appear in a film being made in the Emerald Isle about Irish baseball players and the growth of the sport in Ireland in recent years?

The start of the major league baseball season is only a few weeks away, and St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so what better time of year to offer fans of the sport an opportunity for their own immortality and glory.

The auction, which just started on eBay today, provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for one lucky fan to live a dream. The top bidder will not only appear in the film, but have top billing in the credits as Executive Producer.

"Any fan of baseball would jump at a chance to be in a film like this, and certainly Irish fans of baseball should be particularly excited about this auction," said John Fitgerald, the film’s real producer.

"The Emerald Diamond" is a 90-minute documentary that takes us from the early years of baseball in America, with many Irish players and fans, to present-day Ireland where after only 10 years the Irish National Baseball Team won a bronze medal in the European championships last year.

Filming began in May 2004 and has continued in Dublin, New York, Rhode Island and Germany. Filming will be completed in August 2005.

The Irish baseball program has grown from a few believers with no equipment, fields or uniforms to a thriving sport with a strong youth program and a national team that is well-respected in the European baseball community.

The winner of the auction will take batting practice with the Irish team in Dublin, and appear in a scene for the film. The lucky winner will also receive top billing in the film credits as Executive Producer. There will be some added bonuses, like official team gear and a nice framed certificate to take home and hang for all to see. The winner also gets 10 copies of the DVD when it comes out.

The money paid by the winner is a donation handled by the Global Vision Foundation and may be tax deductible. Details are available on request and some information can be found at www.GlobalVision.com.

Full details about the auction can be found at www.eBay.com. Search for Irish baseball movie or go directly to http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5562717300.

There is a web site for the film at http://www.TheEmeraldDiamond.com, and information about Irish Baseball can be found at www.BaseballIreland.com.

John Fitzgerald

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