Strong demand on launch of BFO’s Graph Library 2

From: BFO (Big Faceless Organization)
Published: Fri Aug 05 2005

Big Faceless Organization (BFO), a global provider of Java software solutions, are proud to announce the release of Graph Library Version 2. Since the release of the Beta version 6 weeks ago BFO has fielded an extensive number of requests on the product’s expected launch.

Version 2 of the Graph Library is the result of 5 years of client requests and a red hot programming team. The JSP Tag Library interface is the shining star of this release, allowing graphs to be created directly from JSP pages without any need to create and load the image from a servlet. Embedding complex graphs is now literally as easy as putting the same data in an HTML table. Javascript can also be used to drill down or provide extra information on the graph, and using it is no more difficult than creating an imagemap in HTML.

For those not using JSP there are plenty of other features. Graphs can be defined in XML using the same syntax as the JSP Tag Library, and the API remains for those who prefer coding directly. Mixing bars, lines and other data on single graphs, plot against multiple axes, plot currencies, dates, and more against logarithmic axes, and render to Flash, SVG or PDF as well as bitmaps. Plus all this is built on the same 3D engine as Version 1, which means every graph can be drawn in full, shaded 3D as well as regular 2D.

Live examples and further information is available online at BFO’s new website.

About BFO: Founded in 1998, Big Faceless Organization builds robust Java components including the Big Faceless Report Generator, PDF Library and Graph Library. Headquartered in the UK, BFO currently distributes to over 50 countries. The client portfolio includes global giants AT&T, JPMorgan, Hitachi, Toyota, Siemens, DHL, Athens 2004, KPMG, T-Mobile and Boeing.
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