NPSA Demonstrates Wide-Ranging Industrial Uses for Portable Storage Containers

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Published: Fri Mar 16 2007

One size may not fit all, but the National Portable Storage Association, or NPSA, is proving that one box indeed does. From retailers to construction companies to transportation interests to medical facilities and more, portable storage containers are serving the storage and temporary office needs of a myriad of industries.

“Portable storage containers got their start in the transportation industry and still play a major role in transporting goods today,” said John Finnessy, CMP, Executive Director of the NPSA, a nonprofit membership association dedicated to the advancement of the portable storage industry. “But these containers are not just for transportation purposes anymore. Specific industries are finding specific uses for portable storage.”

Department stores are a prime example. Along with pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitality and food service venues, department stores have discovered that portable storage can offer much-needed extra space, especially in busy seasons. During holiday peaks, when merchandise is coming into stores faster than clerks can stock it on the shelves, portable storage offers a safe, dry place to keep goods on hand until consumers eat into inventory levels. The story is similar in the construction, landscaping and home improvement industries. Seasonal surges and droughts mean equipment and machinery may be running on overdrive one month but need a secure storage environment the next. These industries are finding a friend in portable storage.

With mountains of paperwork and dwindling on-site storage space, financial institutions, utility companies, insurance and film production companies are looking to portable storage to fill the void for document storage needs. Much the same, medical facilities, military and government agencies, Native American reservations and academic institutions are tapping into portable storage for their unique needs. Portable storage is proving to be an ideal solution for athletic equipment storage at universities, security offices for government institutions, and disaster preparation supplies for medical universities. And let’s not forget the average Joe consumer who is leveraging the convenience of portable storage containers to serve as extra garage space for tools, home furnishings and non-perishable food supplies, or to make the dreaded move a little easier.

“There is virtually no end to portable storage’s uses. We continue to see industries find new and innovative uses for these containers. They are ideal for manufacturers, contractors, auto dealerships, retail outlets… If it’s an industry that needs quick and easy access to storage, these containers are finding a place there,” says NPSA Operations Manager Joel Rathbone.

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