A Global Workforce, Now At Your Fingertips

From: Global Technology Solutions, Inc.
Published: Sun Aug 07 2005

Global Technology Solutions, Inc. (GTS) has introduced a revolutionary new way to tap into a vast offshore global workforce, bringing every sort of technical and service expertise just one mouse-click away.

"As our world gets increasingly networked, companies can now use technical expertise and know-how from virtually anywhere, often to a huge cost benefit," says Brandon Lee, CEO of GTS. "With our two new web sites, we provide an easy online gateway into a diverse, qualified global workforce."

The first of GTS’s web sites, Hire Manage Pay™ (available at http://www.hiremanagepay.com), allows companies to hire highly skilled information technology professionals in as little as five minutes. Through the site, these professionals can be managed from anywhere in the world. Hire Manage Pay™ also provides a facility to pay – often at rates as low as $9 an hour – after productivity has been monitored and verified through timesheets, Web cam and desktop snap shots.

Support Oasis (available at http://www.supportoasis.com) provides high-quality customer support services, giving companies the opportunity to increase productivity and streamline customer interactions. Support Oasis offers a Call Center (inbound and outbound), server management, voice-based support, email response, web chat support, data processing and online sales support services.

"Both Hire Manage Pay and Support Oasis assign specific tasks to the individuals best qualified to complete them," says Lee. "By lowering costs and improving response times and performance standards, they give companies the ideal option to leverage an affordable, skilled global workforce. "

About Global Technology Solutions, Inc.:
Global Technology Solutions, Inc. is a US-based provider of a wide range of high-quality technology solutions at affordable cost to the global community. With over 2,000 employees worldwide, GTS provides on and offshore development, project management and support staffing solutions. In addition, GTS offers a wide variety of electronics products and services, ranging from computer servers to installation, at very low costs. For more information, please visit http://www.gtsincorp.com.
Company: Global Technology Solutions, Inc.
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