New Monthly Minder Helps Busy Women Manage Their Menopause

From: The Cycle Calendar
Published: Thu Mar 03 2005

As women go through menopause and its early stages, called "perimenopause," they experience a variety of symptoms in a variety of ways. From hot flashes to night sweats... from headaches and joint aches to mood swings... from vaginal dryness to insomnia... the signs of menopausal change are many and varied. And they're also often subtle, unexpected and confusing. Unless she knows what's happening with her body, a woman can feel like she's "going crazy" as her body starts to change.

Keeping track of the body's changes, helps overcome the surprise and confusion and guesswork of what can be a long and inconsistent process. When a woman knows that her moodiness and weight gain is hormonal, and change in her periods are to be expected, she knows there's nothing wrong with her.

The problem is, in today's hectic world, all the signs of change, can get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. Many (peri)menopausal women are busier than ever. They have jobs to do, mouths to feed, bills to pay. And even when she does try to keep track, a woman's menopausal notes can get lost in the midst of all the shopping lists, to-do notes, stickie notes, calendar entries... the shuffle of hectic everyday life

The "Cycle Calendar" gets that problem out of the way. In one convenient monthly minder, it gives women a place to keep track of their Change, as it happens. And it allows them to record their symptoms and cycles over 5 years, so they can keep an accurate record of what's happening -- and be able to look back, after several months, or several years, to see how their bodies have transformed. With room to record menstrual changes each month, along with their own variety of physical symptoms, as well as space for notes and reflections, women now have a long-term monthly minder designed especially for them, with their menopause in mind.

The "Cycle Calendar" is available this March for $9.95 (plus s/h) at Advance orders are also available at the website. E-mail for more information.
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