2entertain announces release of the new Eddie Izzard DVD

From: 2entertain
Published: Thu Nov 18 2010

2entertain has announced the release of 'Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story' on DVD. The DVD features a feature length documentary which shows clips from Eddie's comedy shows, such as 'Dressed to Kill' and 'Sexie', alongside backstage moments as Izzard brainstorms his latest comedy act from scratch.

This new Eddie Izzard DVD gives the viewers insight into the much loved comedian's life, and will be available on DVD and from iTunes from 22nd November.

Director Sarah Townsend revisits Izzard's remarkable life by weaving a multi-layered tapestry around Eddie's own confessions to the camera. Insights come from charming childhood home movies, enlightening vintage street-comedy footage, and friend and celebrity interviews including Robin Williams and George Clooney.

There's also Eddie's father, whose career took the family from Yemen to Northern Ireland amid the troubles, now musing on the impact of those moves, and on his son's youthful fascination with his mother's stockings. Ultimately, there's the openness of Izzard himself. He frankly ponders past paths, and even confronts the comedy truth-in-advertising controversy that demoralised him into a three-year retreat from his free-associating stage comedy.

Eddie was born in 1962 in South Yemen and began his comedy career in 1987. Since then Eddie has appeared in his own comedy shows, TV programmes and movies. Eddie Izzard is perhaps best known for his energetic approach to comedy and he fashion sense, which often includes women's clothing and full make-up. Eddie's comedy shows can be a little bit different as he speaks French fluently and often performs large sections of his shows in French.

Eddie has 8 comedy shows which have already been released on video or DVD, and was voted the fifth greatest British national comedians by Channel 4 in 2010.

Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story is a documentary giving an incredibly moving portrait of one of the most celebrated artists of modern times.

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