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Published: Sun Aug 07 2005 provides a downloadable two way text message toolbar. This means that PC to mobile messaging is an accessible to the home and business Internet community. Not only can customers receive text message replies directly to their home or work PC, the SuccessBar text interface works with UK BT landlines allowing you to leave a text voice message on a BT landline voicemail service.

Interestingly the recent partnership announcement between Vodafone and Microsoft validates the opportunity and size of this market. In fact the Mobile Data Association (MDA) research shows that the UK text message market amounts to 2.5 billion messages per month. sees itself as a David amongst these goliaths and believes that there is indeed room for growth. The downloadable toolbar is already providing robust and efficient PC to mobile two-way messaging and is looking to carve its own niche in the global text message market. is the brainchild of a husband and wife team, Tony and Debbie Henderson-Newport. They have worked closely with innovative Tier 1 mobile aggregator Spinvox Ltd to provide a truly innovative and creative way to support PC to mobile communication.

Director Tony Henderson-Newport is very clear about the possibilities. "The market is significant and profits are currently taken by major players. We are looking to redress the balance. For a change, the individual or web business can participate actively in the SMS market and perhaps make a financial difference to themselves and their families."

The website also provides content to help people become successful with different aspects of their life. Content Manager Debbie says, "We have put a lot of effort into considering the different life areas that people may want to succeed– relationship, health, finance, parenting and then looked to incorporate this information with successful global technologies – the Internet and SMS technology. Additionally, we have asked our customers to help us … to let us know other role models, businesses and websites that can help people to succeed. This and the willingness we have to help others to succeed is underlying in our company philosophy."

There is a lot of best practice in the market and has looked to capitalise on this. Firstly, the excellence of the SMS network providers in text delivery to UK and global SMS community and secondly in the way that network marketing and franchise operations have enabled business to expand organically.

When asked about the future, Tony said, "We are fortunate to have a very dedicated development team and this has supported testing of the SuccessBar in New Zealand, Australia, France and South Africa. will expand progressively however; right now, let’s look to the present and the UK market."

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