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From: IntereXchange Carrier
Published: Thu Mar 03 2005

On March 1, 2005 IntereXchange Carrier introduced on the market a new product– IXC Session Border Controller (SBC).

IXC SBC solves the question of connecting equipment to distributed VoIP network. SBC fulfills connection of regional presence points, serving as traffic "concentrator". It allows collecting traffic of separate region and ensures interaction with a central IXC Softswitch. At the same time regional SBC perform functions of routing and statistics collection, though configuration data is received from a central unit.

In large operating networks a part of calls, which can be completed on a regional node, is processed directly on SBC. This sufficiently reduces loading of backbone channels by voice streams. SBC in this case transmits to the central node only the information on received calls and its characteristics, performing the main data processing within a regional device.
IXC Session Border Controller offers enhanced opportunities for dynamic users in case of moving from one place to another or moving one employee from one department to another.
In VoIP network such opportunities are as follows:
· Possibility of moving with connection to the nearest presence point;
· Changing a tariff plan while connecting to the other point;
· Receiving a new contacts list (for PC2Phone users);
· Changing rights for making calls (for instance, when moving from one department to another).

The system also ensures remote transmission of prices on services. This means that branches of your company can introduce changes in price policy by themselves and your central server will take decision on call routing on the basis of the price, which is paid by regional node user.

IXC SBC is an intellectual object of network, which is capable of performing all functions of protocol conversion and smoothing. Being present in the network, IXC Session Border Controller can easily convert packets, thus adjusting them to equipment on the other side and ensuring interaction between operators. Thus, IXC SBC, having IXC Media and Protocol Transcoding, can solve interoperability problems of networks that work on different protocols, for instance SIP-networks and H.323 networks, as well as ensures transcoding – conversion of media-protocols from one Codec into another.

«SBC issue has become today one of the hottest issue, discussed by communication operators that use IP-infrastructure for provision of voice services. Session Border Controller developed by IXC allows to significantly simplify and reduce aggregated costs when connecting distributed corporate clients. IXC SBC bears a load of interoperability and converter, as well as solves problems of IP-networks interaction by fulfilling protocols transcoding and conversion. SBC represents one of the last stages of IXC transition to "signaling processor" technology, which allows to gain full unification within one packet network and ensures interoperability of any protocols».
- Alexey Vinogradov, Chairman, board of directors of "IXC" company

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