2entertain revs up for the Top Gear Apocalypse

From: 2entertain Video Limited
Published: Fri Nov 19 2010

2entertain is revving up ready for the release on 22nd November of the latest DVD from Top Gear which will be titled Top Gear Apocalypse.

Top Gear tinkers Richard Hammond and James May have always wondered about what motoring would be like in a post apocalyptic world and now in the new 2entertain DVD they get to find out.

Top Gear: Apocalypse gives all the tips anyone could ever need to survive in the event of the ultimate calamity and as usual it will also help to answer some of those vitally important questions which only the Top Gear presenters are willing to address. So for anyone who has ever wondered what driving will be like in a post apocalyptic world which has been blown to bits by nuclear bombs or destroyed by a massive comet, then Hammond and May can give all the answers in this brand new, and incredibly cheerful, Top Gear DVD.

Filled with the usual madcap antics and motoring mayhem, where even something as mundane as the MOT can become a futuristic nightmare, Richard and James are here to show how it's done. In the aftermath of a nuclear war, when millions of tons of soot and ash are thrown up into the atmosphere creating a nuclear winter, James asks 'how on earth would you drive to work?' Another important question which the TG guys seek to answer on the DVD is - 'which would be the best car to have one of your very last drives in if you were stuck in a post apocalyptic world and there was only one barrel of petrol left?'

James and Richard also get to drive each other's car … although as this is Top Gear, James is sitting in Richard's car and Richard is sitting in James' car with both cars being raced using remote control.

About 2entertain:
2 entertain is the largest UK-owned publisher of DVD and digital content exploiting TV content globally through DVD, Blu-ray and through digital formats including downloads and apps. 2 entertain includes Demon Music Group, the UK’s largest independent record company which produces CD, Music DVDs and digital downloads. In 2009/10 2 entertain returned profits of £38.2m.

2 entertain is a wholly owned subsidiary of BBC Worldwide, the main commercial arm of the BBC. The company exists to maximise the value of the BBC’s assets for the benefit of the licence fee payer and invests in public service programming in return for rights. 2 entertain is part of BBC Worldwide’s Home Entertainment division, one of the company’s six core businesses.

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