M&S Money reveals children choose caring careers over X Factor stardom

From: M&S Money
Published: Fri Nov 19 2010

M&S Money has revealed that children of ages 8 - 13 years old are more likely to want to serve and protect than see their name up in lights when it comes to future career aspirations, according to new research.

Indeed, research on almost 1,700 children reveals a selection of career choices that are dominated by caring and service professions such as vet, teacher, police officer, medicine and joining the army.

However, while the majority of children see themselves in service orientated professions, fame and fortune does still appeal to some, with 14% of boys aspiring to be a footballer and 7% of girls wanting to be an actress or dancer.

More creative careers also appealed to many youngsters with 5% of boys looking to design computer games, 3% of girls wanting to be an artist and 3% of girls planning to emulate J.K. Rowling by becoming an author.

However, future dreams don't come cheap with the average cost of training for one of the top ten careers reaching £24,686 for boys or £31,049 for girls. The most expensive career to pursue is becoming a pilot (£105,000) or choosing to act (£78,828).

Colin Kersley, chief executive of M&S Money, commented: "Even though this age group loves the X Factor, they have their sights set on more realistic and serious career choices. Analysis of the training costs shows the financial implications are also serious and highlights the need to start saving early to help fund children's dreams or aspirations.

"Although children may change their minds on chosen career paths as they grow older and mature, the results uncovered by this survey prove for interesting reading and an intriguing insight into the minds of 8 to 13 year olds."

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Notes to Editors:

YouGov Research among almost 1,700 8-18s was undertaken between 17th and 22nd September 2010.

The number of children interested in each career is based on ONS figures of 2,176,208 boys and 2,075,440 girls aged between 8 and 13 in the UK.

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