Early Learning Centre launches a new site dedicated to play

From: Early Learning Centre
Published: Wed Mar 21 2007

Early Learning Centre, Britain's leading children's toy retailer, has just launched a new site dedicated to providing a balanced diet of play.

Playing with children can be one of life's more enjoyable experiences. However, it's easy to run out of ideas for games that are fun, engaging and inexpensive. That's why Early Learning Centre has just launched a new website dedicated entirely to play.

Early Learning Centre believes a balanced diet of play is as important as good food or love. Using the expert advice of Dr Richard Woolfson, a leading educational psychologist with over thirty years experience, has created a new way to enjoy the Early Learning Centre play diet. According to Dr Woolfson, a portion of three types of play each day - creative, imaginative and active play - helps with every child's healthy development!

Creative play is all about drawing, painting, playing music, cooking or making something. Through creative play, children can express themselves, learn about process, discover cause and effect and learn how to gain pride in their achievements.

Imaginative play, on the other hand, develops skills of the imagination in children. Whether it's role-playing, creating a new game, giving toys a voice, inventing adventures or playing a word game, imaginative play starts in a child's head. Through imaginative play, children can begin to understand the world, investigate fact and fiction and develop positive relationships with themselves and other people.

Finally, active play is all about how a child moves in the world. Running, jumping, catching and dancing all contribute to building strength and coordination. Active play is an excellent way to learn about teamwork, release tension and to allow a child to feel free.

Early Learning Centre's new play website allows parents to create an exciting, fun and easy menu of play for their children. What's more, the site have teamed up with real mums Polly and Suzy - authors of hit children's play books "I'm Bored" and "I'm Bored...again". Together, Polly and Suzy have created hundreds of great, simple and free ideas that can be used all year long.

To help children enjoy a balanced diet of play, early Learning Centre have also produced in conjunction with the NSPCC, two packs of Play Tip Cards, with even more play tips and ideas for children aged between three and six years, as well as babies up to the age of two.

About ELC:
Early Learning Centre is Britain's leading retailer of children's toys. Toys from the Early Learning Centre are designed to help children develop vital skills, explore the boundaries of their imaginations and creativity, and to grow into happy, self-confident people.

Early Learning Centre currently has 215 stores across the UK and over 80 international stores in 19 countries worldwide. All Early Learning Centre toys meet British and European standards for toy safety. The Early Learning Centre is also associated with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.


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