Cronus Capital Markets Launches CCM;Offering Sector-Based News, Research, and Intel

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Published: Tue Aug 09 2005

New York, New York, -- CCM SectorInvest (, the media arm of Cronus Capital Markets, is an online knowledge center for the investment and business communities engaged in the following sectors; Homeland Security, Biometrics, RFID, Nanotechnology, Alternative Energy, Oil & Gas, and Metals.

Cronus Capital Markets recently launched, in partnership with the International Securities Exchange (NYSE: ISE), the ISE-CCM Homeland Security Index (ISE;HSX) including companies such as; L-3 Communications (NYSE: LLL), McAfee (NYSE: MFE), and Taser Int’l (NASDAQ: TASR). HSX is currently trading options on the ISE.

Cronus Capital Markets CEO Michael Soni remarked that "markets, as a whole, are cyclical in nature. However, regardless of the direction of the broad market, short and longer-term opportunities exist in individual sectors. Sector targeting, as an investment strategy, is widely adopted by the investment community, evidenced by the growing popularity of ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds). CCM considers the degree of sector specific research, intelligence, and news available to traders and investors a critical component in their eventual success or failure".

CCM SectorInvest offers, on a daily and frequently updated basis, sector-specific research, intelligence, and news. Mr. Soni stated, "the objective of CCM SectorInvest is to provide the investment and business communities with the ability to track various high growth equity market sectors, through ongoing availability of the highest quality research, intelligence, and news. Traders and investors can expect to find, in addition to CCM produced research and intelligence, representations from many other esteemed research and intelligence providers from around the world, resulting in a wide assortment of both free and fee-based research and intelligence".

Cronus Capital Markets partners with Investrend Research ( in the development and distribution of the Homeland Security Research project, including a series of HS sector reports. The Q2 report was released yesterday and can be found on the Investrend website and on CCM SectorInvest (
Cronus Capital Markets (CCM) with offices in Toronto and New York deconstructs and filters the markets, in order to identify sectors experiencing a higher frequency of opportunities.

CCM is a leading provider of research, intelligence and media, to the business and investment communities. CCM covers the following sectors; Homeland Security, Biometrics, RFID, Nanotechnology, Alternative Energy, Metals, and Oil and Gas.

Michael Soni
Tel: 416-368-3700

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