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Published: Tue Aug 09 2005

POINT ROBERTS, WA, August 9, 2005 - (CAS) an investor and industry news portal for the China-Asia sector and (ISES), a news portal for search engine stocks, report on the recent IPO success of the Chinese search engine giant (NASDAQ: BIDU). The stock’s performance on its first day of trading, which saw the share price more than quadruple, placed in the top 15 IPO’s of all time.

Experts believe that the increased interest in China’s growth potential, combined with the enthusiasm associated with Internet search technology, has helped to push this IPO higher than any US IPO in the past 5 years. Internet usage in China has grown approximately 357% since 2000 and yet the penetration rate still remains low, leading many to speculate on continued growth opportunities. According to Internet World Stats, as of June 2005 there are an estimated 103 million Internet users stemming from a Chinese population of approximately 1.3 billion, representing a penetration rate of only 7.9%. The IPO has also gained attention through its similarities to Google who owns 2.5% in the Company. Despite the fact that both Google and Yahoo have a notable presence in China, many see considerable value in as a specialist in Chinese language search, a valuable asset as the growing numbers of Chinese pages are anticipated to eventually outnumber English pages on the Web.

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