Cutting edge green telecommunications product will save time and money

From: Permashutter
Published: Mon Dec 06 2010

Permashutter has developed a revolutionary new foundation product for the telecommunications industry.

And they say it could save BT £25m over the next three years in the UK alone and allow BT to provide its Infinity service to millions of extra customers sooner.

" Polybase" is the brainchild of a young firm – based in Northamptonshire – which has put itself at the cutting edge of innovative permanent formwork solutions.

Permashutter has already hit the headlines once this year with its revolutionary "Polymer headwalls" and now the firm could be on to even bigger then better things.

Civil engineer Steve Willis, 40, said: "We have designed a permanent formwork solution called Polybase - a new foundation product aimed at the electrical and telecommunications market.

"We recognised the issues inherent with the installation of electrical and telecom cabinets and have combined our construction, design and manufacturing expertise to develop Polybase.

"In essence, it’s a concrete free foundation system suitable for electrical and telecom street cabinets such as the ones you find on most street corners.
"BT Openreach is currently installing 1000’s of street cabinets on its Race to Infinity broadband campaign.

"The groundbreaking invention removes the requirement for any concrete or mortar. So the installation of Polybase is not affected by adverse cold and wet weather, which can render concrete and mortar useless.

"Everbody dislikes it when utility companies dig holes in roads and footpaths. Causing disruption and risk to traffic and pedestrians .

"Sometimes excavations can be left open for many days even weeks.

" Polybase " allows for the cabinet to be installed and the footpath to be reinstated on the same day. Minimising the problems caused to local people and business.

"This product is something the civil engineering and construction industry has never seen before and will make concrete cabinet foundations a thing of the past. "

The product is greener than traditional foundation methods, cuts the installation time by a staggering 96 per cent and could save nearly £1,000 in the cost of installing each and every cabinet.

It is the second revolutionary product developed by the company in the past few months

For more information about Permashutter, Polybase, Polymer Headwalls and other products being developed by the company contact Mr Willis or sales director Neil Hadler on 01604 652005, or visit the company’s website at
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