Better Bathrooms ‘Eclipse’ the competition with new freestanding baths.

From: Better Bathrooms UK LTD
Published: Tue Dec 07 2010

The main attribute of a freestanding bath is to sit away from the wall and take pride of place as a visual feature or focal point in the bathroom. A freestanding bath also adds an air of luxury if your bathroom is spacious enough to have one. So, if this is true then no freestanding baths underline these credentials more than the brand new Lunar baths, exclusive to Better Bathrooms.

With an already outstanding range of freestanding and roll top baths, Better Bathrooms have added two more to the mix and they are definitely worth shouting about. The Lunar 1700 x730 luxury white Slipper Bath is a stunning single ended traditional bath, complete with metal claw and ball feet to really add to its resounding style. What is more, with a fantastic range of freestanding taps at Better Bathrooms, you can put your own style stamp on what is sure to be an instant classic.

Instant classic may be the perfect term to introduce the second of the Lunar freestanding baths. In many ways it is identical. Same size, same shape, same feet but with one very stark contrast....It has a black exterior. This unique design of bath is already proving immensely popular with customers, and it is such a breathtaking and fashionable design, that it would insist the rest of the bathroom be built around it.

Both these amazing Lunar baths have one more thing in common, however it is the one thing they share that is not so luxury........the price! £389.95 ensures that these stunning items are not restricted to those with luxury budgets making it that much easier to get your better bathroom.
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