From: Cellhealth Ltd
Published: Thu Aug 11 2005

Cellhealth Ltd has recently launched a hypoallergenic water ionizer electrolysis machine into the general health & beauty market called, THE WATER IONIZER. Set up next to a tap, The Water Ionizer produces filtered, healthy electrolysed ANTIOXIDANT and CLEANSING water at the same time which works as a powerful detox and a unique antibacterial. Please donít get this machine confused with a water filter.

The benefits from drinking the Antioxidant water include the ability to gently detox the body everyday; prevent & fight illnesses & degenerative diseases; the strengthening of bones & skin; it assists proper digestion; increases the strength of vitamins & minerals; and it changes the taste of any tap water into a refreshing, and smooth drink which kids seem to love!

The Cleansing water is a unique antibacterial thatís an alternative to conventional products Ė UK tests have shown it to kill 99% of bacteria, such as Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and E-Coli. You can use the water to wash the body and hair, itís perfect to gently cleanse babies/kids skin, and it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles; it cleanses household surfaces; it keeps bacteria down in the mouth; and it helps to soothe and heal skin for example athletes foot, and burns.

There are UK and international testimonials and trials attesting to the The Water Ionizer (available on request), which include, reducing such problems as IBS & digestive problems; skin allergies such as eczema; asthma; acidosis; diabetes; high blood pressure; blocked arteries; arthritis; aches; pains; and headaches. And studies show that the water actually protects the strength of DNA in animals increasing their lifespan up to 30%, which means living healthier lives!

Did you know that 85% of deaths in the UK are caused through some form of cancer or degenerative disease? So people who understand the benefits of antioxidants spend hundreds of pounds a month purchasing them to prevent and sometimes cure illnesses, diseases, and cancers, plus they know antioxidants also help reduce the signs of ageing. Doctors and practitioners from across the world have latched onto the benefits of electrolysed water, and they use it as an everyday tool. One such person was Dr William Kelley (RIP), College of Metabolic Medicine, and he said, "Alkaline water produced by The Water Ionizer is the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Flemings discovery of penicillin."

The Water Ionizer is the most advanced water ionizer on the global market. Anyone can put it to the test with a two month free trial at home, at work, at the gym, or indeed anywhere with a tap. People can rent the machine, which costs just over a £1 a day (the cost of half a coffee! Imagine how much people who buy bottled water could save?), and there are a range of ways it can be purchased.

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Company: Cellhealth Ltd
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Contact Email: info@thewaterionizer.co.uk
Contact Phone: 01992 525 800

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