Chad Love, Lights up Chelsea’s QUO Last Night With New Cut, “Keep Swinging”

From: Evol Records Inc.
Published: Thu Aug 11 2005

Before he took the stage, the mostly white, male/female crowd relaxed with a healthy mix of 50-Cent, Dr. Dre, and Mobb Deep tunes played by the resident DJ. The concertgoers, an eccentric mix of yuppies and Hip-Hop purists, gyrated to beats while fixating their attention on a large screen showing Chad Love’s new video.

"I was here since 10:30 p.m. to see the show," said Kristy Giovanna, 24, from New York, a new Chad Love fan. "It was definitely worth it."

Dressed in a white t-shirt that said "Pimptronaunt", Love step onto the stage at about 10 minutes late. As he was checking the turntables, his crew, B-Ford and D.A., walked up on stage boosted by the crowd's roar.
Before the show bounced off with "Keep Swinging," they gave props to the beautiful woman in the house, who some would play an integral part on the stage during the show.

"It was a really interactive show," said David Yeo, 22, from Queens. After performing his "favorite cut" off the upcoming 2006 album, "Keep Swinging,"(which set a somewhat serene mood in the dimly lit club), Chad Love talked a bit about following your dreams in life. The crowd didn’t seem to mind it.

Around 11:00 p.m. the culturally transcendent emcees closed their luminous set with "Ziggatee Doo" and thanked the crowd for their new support.

"I feel that Chad Love is one of the strongest up coming artists in awhile," said Mary Frank, 26, a Long Island native now residing in Brooklyn. "If he continues to evolve in positive way he could be up their with the greats." Seeing all the smiling faces exit the venue, so I had to agree.

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